I Don’t Know How to Explain it, but I Know it When I See it

Company culture matters. About one-third of new hires who leave their jobs within the first 90 days cite company culture as the reason for quitting. Employees spend large amounts of their time at their workplace, and you can’t expect people to enjoy spending that time in a place where they feel isolated or uncomfortable. Whether you’ve got a team you want to grow, or if are looking to attract new talent, you need to establish a healthy office culture.

What is company culture?

First, it’s essential to identify what company culture is. Purpose.ly defines this important professional element as “the unique combination of behavior and mindsets that form the atmosphere of your organization.”

Culture can be many different things in many different workplaces, but at its core, a sense of culture will give your employees a sense of belonging and a feeling of accomplishment. You have probably heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which identifies what the average human being needs to feel personally fulfilled. At Purpose.ly, we have our own hierarchy of needs. Ours identifies exactly what great leaders (or employers) need to provide for their employees. Our hierarchy of needs includes:

Food, shelter, and safety. Having a secure job typically brings these things. When people feel secure in their jobs, they are much more likely to reach their full potential.

A place of belonging. Even the most devout introvert likes to feel as though they are part of something bigger: a team, a family, something bigger than themselves. They want to make a difference. They want to know that if they weren’t there, they would be missed.

A future to believe in. Most people are always striving for more. If their job does not challenge them and make them feel as though they are making a difference, their morale may suffer. It’s always great to have a promotion or new role to strive towards, a company goal to uphold.

How can I determine what my company culture is?

Everyone will describe culture differently. In fact, in many cases, the only way to get a practical understanding of it is to work in that culture yourself. It might seem impossible to measure something as subjective and nebulous as culture, but with advanced technology and innovative measurement methods at its disposal, Purpose.ly has the answer.

Purpose.ly uses a combination of artificial intelligence software and professional data analysis to give you a clear, accurate portrayal of the culture your company has created. Once you can get a grasp on your office culture, you can make real strides towards tweaking and improving it.

How can I start improving my company culture?

At a basic level, it’s a very good idea to spend time with as many individual members of your team as you can. Ask them what they like and dislike about their work environment. Ask them if the team works well together, and if it doesn’t, how they think it could be improved. These intimate questions can bring a much richer understanding of the workings of your business.

If you want professional analysis and interpretation on your side to give you the most in-depth possible comprehension of your culture, use Purpose.ly. When you get started with Purpose.ly’s free demo, you are on track to understanding and improving one of the most important parts of the workplace—its culture.