What is Talent Optimization?

What is Talent Optimization?
Businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to meet their ultimate potential and reach their business goals. In order to succeed as a business, you must have productive, invested employees. The common pain points of an efficient team include the lack of culture, poor job placements, ineffective managers and substandard communication. The best way to address these common misalignments and realize the true potential of your business is by using talent optimization.

Talent Optimization Definition
Talent optimization is a four-part discipline you can use to align your business strategy with your people strategy for optimal business results. The framework of talent optimization addresses the human aspect of your business. Typically, how we handle people is not as structured as other parts of an organization like bookkeeping, inventory, and accounting. Many employers hire based on hard skills and fire for soft skills, never truly tapping into the potential of their employees.

Talent optimization provides this necessary framework for people. Instead of forcing the people in companies to navigate the environment with little structure, talent optimization provides a science-based, data-backed system for creating an efficient, effective staff to align business strategy with results. Talent optimization allows you to create a talent strategy so you can get the right people in the right positions and increase worker satisfaction and culture.

The Four Aptitudes of Talent Optimization
Talent optimization is a four-part discipline centered around people data. The aptitudes of talent optimization must be done as a continuous process to develop a people strategy in real-time. The four aptitudes include:
Diagnose: Gather important people data to determine areas of improvement and the necessary steps.
Design: Evolve your people strategy based on your diagnosis, and continue to evolve it based on new data.
Hire: Hire quality talent and build strong teams based on your people data.
Inspire: Retain current employees and improve their job satisfaction by driving employee-oriented activities such as career-pathing, maintaining the organizational culture, and people/team management.

Implement Talent Optimization
Attack your people strategy with the same organized framework as you do the other parts of your business with talent optimization. Humans are a business’s largest expense and it is important to implement a framework for our people.

Sometimes, it takes a bit of help to master talent optimization. Purpose.ly is here to help you streamline hiring, retain high performing employees, align your teams and optimize your workflows. We help you put people first because we understand that each employee has a unique skillset and work style. Through talent assessment surveys and help from one of our coaches, we help you match qualified employees to the teams that need their skill sets. Get started with Purpose.ly’s culture-changing solutions for growth by visiting our website or contacting us.